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Vincent Zeoli March 14, 2024



10 Reasons to Live in Tampa Bay (Florida)

anna maria island florida

Have you ever visited Tampa?

If yes, probably you already know that the city is one of the most attractive places to live in the United States.

The atmosphere here speaks for itself, and the feeling of prosperity is at every step.

The city was named one of the 5 best US cities with a population of at least 300,000 people.

The local climate, sustainable urban environment, natural resources and economic progress together create a place that locals are proud of and all the other people dream to visit or to live in.

We are far from thinking that we can describe all the advantages of Tampa with a few sentences, but at least we can try and find out where lies the magic of this coastal city.

1. Weather in Tampa

Clearwater Tampa Bay
Clearwater Tampa Bay by Antoine Gady

One of the biggest advantages of living in Tampa is the nice climate.

The weather here is hot in summers and pleasantly warm in winters.

Even during the coldest months of January and February, the average daytime temperatures are usually around 21°C in combination with a dry and sunny weather.

The pleasant temperatures in winter allow you to enjoy the sunshine without suffering from too high temperatures.

Whether you want to practice your favorite sport or just love long walks outdoors, the weather in Tampa will not disappoint you.

Typical of Florida, Tampa allows you to walk with short sleeves even in the midst of winter.

2. For golf lovers

Golf course, Florida
Golf course, Florida by CityofStPete

Tampa is considered one of the top destinations in the world for golfers. In the area of Tampa you can find some of the best golf courses in the world.

For this reason, many sports enthusiasts from around the world come here to buy property and settle in the area for permanently.

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Besides great place to live for golf lovers, the city is a leading golf tourism destination.

Resorts like Saddlebrook Resort, World Woods Golf Club,and Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club are among the top destinations in the US for lovers of this sport.

3. Local beaches

Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach by Ran Allen

The area of Tampa Bay is well known for its beautiful beaches, and there is hardly a person in the US who hasn’t heard that the beaches in this part of Florida are among the best in the country.

The sand here is snow-white, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are azure, warm, clean and transparent, and the beach season is virtually year-round.

According to USA TODAY, the most beautiful beach in the area belongs to Clear Water, which combines all the advantages we mentioned in one place.

4. Great sushi destination

Perhaps you will be quite surprised, but Bradenton, which is part of the urban area of Tampa Bay, is considered to be the number one destination in the United States for lovers of sushi.

Moreover, namely the small town on the west coast of Florida is among the best places in the world to eat delicious sushi.

Local cooks enjoy the advantage to work with fresh products of highest quality.

The old traditions in the preparation of sushi firs have been brought here from Asia but actually they continued to gradually evolve under the influence of the cultural and culinary heritage of this region. The result is the best sushi you can imagine.

5. Numerous green spaces

Aerial view of Tampa Bay
Aerial view of Tampa Bay by eutrophication&hypoxia

Tampa Bay is known for its numerous green urban areas. Here one can easily find a beautiful park to enjoy the beauty of nature in the heart of one of the most densely populated areas of Florida.

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This part of the state is very charming in this respect because urban areas and wildlife are intertwined here in a unique way.

6. Excellent opportunities for recreation and entertainment

Tampa Bay has a very well developed tourist industry. The positive side of living in such a well developed tourist area is the huge variety of entertainment options.

Marinas, coastal restaurants and bars, romantic places to walk, good clubs – everything you dream of is here in one place.

Prices here are much better than in Miami, so you can afford much more goods and services with the budget you have.

Here you can enjoy all year round a large number of sporting events, concerts, festivals, many of which are held under the open sky.

7. Active lifestyle

tampa skyline at night
Tampa skyline at night by Andrew Petersen

Tampa ranks third in the United States as a destination where locals live an active lifestyle. The great weather undoubtedly plays an important role, but that’s not the only factor.

The local culture of physical activity is something that most newcomers quickly accept. They easily make the combination of movement and healthy eating an integral part of their lifestyle.

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the great prices in most local fitness centers is also one the reasons that encourage local people to live healthy.

8. Ideal place to retire

anna maria island florida
Anna Maria Island, Florida by Travis Isaacs

Even if you are still young, it is good to know that Tampa is considered the best place for retirees in the US. The reasons, as you might have guessed, lie somewhere between the wonderful climate and the affordable cost of living.

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However, there are many other reasons to choose Tampa for your golden years.

The city attracts many people looking for a place to live when they retire, which means that if you are new here, you can easily create new friendships with other people in your situation that are new in the city and do not have many friends here.

So you can start without a problem to build your new life here, and you won’t feel lonely or isolated for a long time, which often happens when people move to a new location.

9. Tolerance and hospitality

Tampa ranks among the most tolerant cities in America. Here everyone can find their place regardless of skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

Because of its tolerant spirit, Tampa has gradually turned into a city with very rich culture, into a place where you can enjoy diversity and variety at every step while walking on the street.

One of the common human features is that we all want to be accepted in society and become part of it, and Tampa gives this opportunity to everyone.

10. Prosperity

yacht marina
Yacht marina by Mark Goebel

As in any other country in the world, in the United States there are cities that enjoy exceptional prosperity, while others pass through times of difficulties in the development and the economy.

In this case, Tampa is a very good choice because the city ranks among the 100 most prosperous and fastest growing cities in the United States, and this is a great achievement, given that the country itself is one of the most developed in the world.

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